Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 71: Lake Edison/VVR ferry ride

Thursday 6/28/12
Miles 877-882 (6 miles including the trail from ferry landing, hey don't judge
Elevation 9,533'

Gosh this place is incredible. However, we got the tent packed, we're leaving damnit!! Lol :) The dude Michael that works at the store is so cool! He really hooked us up. I took a pic of him. Thanks dude!! You're awesome!

We luckily got a hitch to VVR, otherwise it was a really hot 8 mile roadwalk. Although later on I found out there was a trail that goes from mono hot springs to here. Doh! Ah well.

VVR (vermillion valley resort) is really cool! They are super hiker friendly and the store has better prices than Mono. But I'm still so glad I went to the hot springs. Random encounter: the lady that gave Kyle the dehydrated backpacker meal yesterday, we saw them at vvR! They hiked in as a day hike. That's so cool. They have us scones and cheese and crackers because they didn't want to carry stuff back. Thanks guys it was yummy!! :)

I ate a gummy gecko. It was so yummy. I took a pic of it. The food at VVR cafe is really good. Gosh I ate so much! Ugh. Lol. So much in fact that hiking out was quite hard. We took the ferry across Lake Edison. The locals told us it was a lot better than walking the 6 miles to get to the trail. We later talked to someone who walked the trail, they confirmed. Yay! It was an $11 ferry ride. Yikes. Expensive. O.o There were other hikers on the ferry too. I have a pic of Panama Red (left) and Pitstop (right). I also have a pic of Kyle eating tortillas with peanut butter, Mismatch is sitting behind him.

Coming out of VVR my pack weighed so much. It's because of the liter of wine and 2 lbs of peanut butter and tortillas I'm packing out. Lol. Dunno why I grabbed the latter out of the hiker box, it seemed like a great idea at the time. Ah well, this way I can take my time going into mammoth. :)

Anyhow, we only ended up hiking 5 miles today. Partly because we didn't get to the trail til around 4:30, and partly because both our stomachs were kind of gnarly from the random combination of stuff we've been consuming. Lol.

We're about 25 trail miles to Mammoth. That means we can do one crazy masochistic hiking day or 2-3 mellow days. I think I prefer the latter :)

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