Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 63: getting out of Bishop is harder than I though...

Wednesday 6/20/12
Miles 0
Elevation 9,000'

On our way out of Bishop I saw something in a storefront window. It was a "redneck wineglass". I took a pic of it. It's a mason jar with a stem in it. Lol. At home, I regularly drink wine from a tostitos salsa glass jar. Does that make me a redneck? O.o Another funny sign I took a pic of was "old fart's auto parts", which was above the doorway at Napa auto parts. Haha, I know a few people that could apply to, later in life :)

Getting out of Bishop and into Independence was tough. It took one hour for us to get a hitch! That's the longest its ever taken for me to get a hitch. And it wasn't for the lack of cars, cuz there were tons. Too many tourists. Tourists never pick up hitchikers, it's always locals. It's hilarious to see the looks on some people's faces as they drive by. We've gotten everything from a thumbs up to looks of disgust and disbelief. Lol. I'm not really sure why some people have such a negative reaction to
Hitchikers. In a lot of places I've been, that's the standard way of getting around if you don't have a mode of transportation.

Anyhow, we finally got picked up and taken to Big Pine which was halfway to Independence. While trying to get a hitch there, we met two motorcycle dudes on harleys from Portland, they were riding route 66 across the country on their bikes. I took a pic with them. They are so cool! They bought us a bottle of 5 hour energy drink, because we had a conversation about them and I mentioned I never had one before. They also gave us some beers they were carrying. Thanks guys!! :). Oh by the way, Killians Red beer tastes surprisingly good at room temperature.

By the way, thank you to all the kind strangers who pick us up hitchiking. You guys are awesome. <3 It was kinda late by the time we got into Independence. We still had a 15 mile hitch to get back to the trailhead. It was a tough one, because the trailhead is at the campground, so the only people going that way would be hikers and campers. It was getting late and we were losing hope that we'd make it up there.

Then suddenly a couple pulled over in their truck to pick us up! They were eating at a nearby restaurant and saw us, and decided to take a drive. That was sooooo epic!! Dang I thought we were gonna have to stealth camp somewhere on the edge of town that night and wait til morning!

We ended up camping at the trailhead, since it was too late to start walking. Gecko and Faceplant were there too! They went into Bishop the same day we did. Well, this way we don't feel like lazy slackers, knowing someone else is on the same schedule. Lol :)

Oh! The coolest thing that happened today: there was a guy at the campground that recognized me and Kyle from this blog! Lol!! How cool is that?? Gosh I wonder if this is what famous people deal with on a daily basis. Lol. Anyhow, him and his group of friends gave us bananas and cinnamon rolls from Schatz Bakery. Thank you!! :D

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