Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 61: scenery, trail magic, and town bound :)

Monday 6/18/12
Miles 5.5ish miles to Onion Valley Campground
Elevation 10,600'

We took the Bullfrog Lakes trail toward the onion valley campground which was highly recommended in my guidebook. Oh my gosh the scenery was amazing. Every mile was like a postcard picture perfect photo! I took some pics of the lake, my phone camera really doesn't do it justice. Gosh it was incredible!! The whole way up to Kearsarge Pass was pretty cool. It was super windy up top, and it was a long descent down. The part that sucks is I'm gonna have to come back up and over this pass in a couple days to get back on the PCT. But im not gonna think about that right now. Lol.

The trail descends into Onion Valley Campground where there were some trail angels giving hikers rides to Independence. THANKS BRISTLECONE AND ÜBER BITCH!!! :D. They have been there for a couple weeks, I think. It was so awesome to be welcomed with some cold sodas and a blueberry pancake! Stoked!!!

We got a ride into Independence, picked up our packages, then hitched the 40 or so miles north to Bishop. The guy that gave us a ride was super cool and told us a lot about the area.

Bishop is such a cool town! Oh man I'm so stoked to do laundry and shower and stuff. And eat. Lots and lots. Lol! There's a lot of other hikers in town, I wonder who I'll run into? The local outfitter is super cool, as well as a shop called The Exchange that sells used gear.

This town feels so unique, it's a super small town, but just spread out enough so that it doesn't seem crammed, yet there are a lot of amenities and stores around so resupplying and finding stuff isn't difficult.

There's an Asian Buffet place here that's not too bad. The yelp reviews are pretty funny, and the place itself cracks me up. There's so much character to it. But such are a lot of these small rural trail towns. On a random note, I'm loving the fact that i can eat lots of ice cream and not get fat. Man I wish I could hike forever. Then I can forever eat anything I want. Lol!

We watched a movie called Ride The Divide. It follows 15 people who race the continental divide trail which is a trans-America trail like the pct, but goes along the rocky mountains from the Mexican border to Banff, Canada. I first heard of this movie in Idyllwild because the lady who owned a bike shop out there was one of the riders featured in the race. Anyhow, I've been thinking about doing the continental divide trail by bike. And after seeing this video I totally have the bug!! I've decided that will be my next adventure :). Now all I need is a bike! Lol.

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