Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 53: engineering project #2, and bear can blues

Sunday 6/10/12
Miles 0
Elevation same as yesterday

Dangit, so today was an unintentional zero day for me, but more on that later. Turner camped out with us last night after the bonfire at Tom's place. He brought coffee, donuts and a French press with him. This guy is awesome! I took a pic of Turner making coffee with his camping French press. Lol. It was an awesome breakfast. I made my ramen/potato chip casserole with both salt/vinegar chips and ketchup chips.

Oh! By the way, THANK YOU Patrick from Vancouver Canada for the ketchup chips!! Oh my god they are amazing!! For those of you who don't know what ketchup chips are, they are potato chips with ketchup flavoring on them. I *love* ketchup so naturally ketchup chips are very high on my yum list. Problem is I don't know where they sell them other than Canada and Maine.

So today I made Kyle some hipbelt pockets for his backpack out of material, Velcro, and straps I found in the hiker boxes. Stoked! I'm rather proud of myself for 2 successful projects in 2 days, whoo hoo! :). I took a pic of it. It's nothing fancy but it's functional. :)

Well, technically it was 3 successful projects in 2 days because I figured out how to strap my bear canister to my pack. That pretty much took me all day to figure out. Bleh. Lol. I ended up wrapping my sleeping pad around it , and yes it's as heavy as it looks. So, this whole ordeal is kind of a huge pain in the ass because i had just recently figured out a great system on how to pack all my crap. And now everything is different so it's like starting all over again. Lol. Arg!! Ah well, the bear can makes a great chair. :). Too bad it's so dang heavy. I think the bear can alone weighs around 3 pounds. Ugh. :(

So the reason I had to stay today instead of hike out is because I have a bounce box to send out and I didn't get it to the store in time so now I have to wait til tomorrow. Dangit!! Arg!! >:( I ate a pint of Ben and Jerrys to feel better. Haha :D It's ok, every time I've been delayed, there was an ultimate reason for it. So I'll just trust in the universe and hang out in Kennedy Meadows til tomorrow :). I took some pics of the general store and the patio out back.

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