Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 52: I'm an engineering genius!

Saturday 6/9/12
Miles 0
Elevation same as yesterday

I did it!! I made a double walled tent!! We both have Tarptents made by Henry Shires. Not So Bad (his name is Kyle by the way) has the Sublite model, I have the Notch. My bugnet is completely detachable from the tarp, and when separated, the tarp is actually pretty spacious. So I used my poles for his tent (they're short), and his poles for my tent, since they're longer, and I was able to rig my tent over his, creating a double walled tent. Stoked!! The inside of his tent is way more spacious, and even though it's also a one-man tent we were both able to fit inside. So this is awesome, if the weather gets super crappy we can make a double walled tent which not only helps with condensation, it's a lot warmer too. Yay! Ninja engineering for the win! :). I have a pic of me and my creation. Lol.

I picked up all my resupply stuff (4 packages) which included a bunch of stuff I ordered off REI at the last minute, and my bear canister. Ugh. It's heavy. :/ I took a pic of the area in the Kennedy Meadows general store where they hold all the packages. Wow there are a LOT of boxes. They have really good beer here from a local microbrewery called Indian Wells Brewing Co. It's called Lobotomy Bock. Haha! Their pale ale is really good too. This store is so cool. There are all kinds of people that show up here. Tourists, locals, motor cyclists, dirt bikers, hikers, and people on horseback. I took a pic of some horses that were tied to the post while their riders were in the store.

Kyle's twin brother Turner drove up from San Diego today to see him and do some trail magic. Its always kind of trippy to be in the presence of twins. Lol. These guys are so cool! I took a pic of both of them. Turner brought his grill be made burgers for everyone at Tom's KM Internet Cafe as well as beer and sodas and brownies. It was amazing!! Tom gave me a bottle of Big Pecker Chardonnay. Haha, i love the name!! It's a 2005 vintage, it was Yummy!! Kyle and I drank the whole bottle. Lol. Oh man it was so good! Thanks Tom you're awesome!!

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