Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 72: tough day, pissy mood :(

Friday 6/29/12
Miles 882-893.5 (11.5 miles)
Elevation 10,300'

Sorry I didn't take many pics today. I was in a crappy mood for most of the day so snapping photos was not a priority. It's also why the mileage was so low today, we stopped early. I also discovered that in order for me to hike fast, I have to be cold *and* pissed off. Apparently one of those alone is not enough. I think that realization just fed my fire and made me more mad. Lol.

The two pics of Kyle on that rock was in the morning at the campsite. He wanted pics on the "lion king" rock. Lol. Rocks are so cool. Uuugh I wanna go rock climbing. Damn, when I get home and can go climb again it'll be like starting from the beginning. I've lost all my forearm strength and technique. Not that I had much to begin with. Lol. :(

So anyhow. There wasn't a particular reason why I was all pissy today. It was just one of those days where I felt completely blah and my pack hurt and felt like crap and the mosquitos were pissing me off, and I was just super tired all day. I passed by a couple of pretty lakes today. That helped me feet better. Water always does :) Kyle was having a bad day too. When I saw him in the afternoon I could tell even from a distance that he was in a pissy mood as well. Bleh. It's a good thing we don't hike together, we probably would have put each other in even worse moods. Lol! Kyle hikes way faster than I do so I only see him in the morning, night, and 2 or 3 times throughout the day when he stops for a break.

I found him again later in the afternoon around 5, next to a river that fed off a lake. It was really pretty. I was so tired at that point. I dunno why. So was he. So we just sat there for a while, drinking a 1/2 liter of wine and eating chocolate candy bars and wallowing in our self pity. Haha. Oddly enough, I felt a lot better. That wine was yummy. It was the Black Box cabernet. It's actually really good. We decided to just call it an early day, instead of going for the 15 mile day we originally wanted to do. Tomorrow will be almost all downhill so we can make up miles then.

We drank more wine once the tent was up (to keep the mosquitos at bay). I have a pic of that. I dunno why but this evening the mosquitos were all over me. More than normal. Damn bugs. I was fantasizing about leaving a pile of all the dead mosquitos I smashed, outside my tent, as a warning to all other mosquitos. Kyle says he likes to leave the mangled carcass of the mosquitos he squashes right on his skin. If only that would keep the bugs away...

I scored a free bottle of wine at the hot springs. It's from a local winery, and it's *really really good*. I took a pic of the label. Neither of us have a corkscrew, yet I'm proud to say I got the cork out with a pocketknife, and only a tiny amount of cork residue in the wine. Whoo hoo! Ninja engineering FTW!! :D

In the pic I have of me and Kyle, he's eating a tortilla with peanut butter in it. Kyle loves peanut butter on tortillas in the way that I love Mac n cheese. If I had to choose just one food to eat on trail, it would be Mac n cheese. I loooooove that stuff. But the Kirkland signature brand ones from Costco are kind of gnarly and gross. But it's ok, just drown it in milk powder and ketchup. :)

So that's what the evening entailed. Drinking wine, eating, and talking crap about the prissy JMT (John Muir trail) hikers. Lol. It's not that we have anything against JMT hikers, it's just that the prissy ones are so easy to poke fun at. :) Plus, for the PCTers, we talk enough crap about each other for the last 900 miles it's time for fresh meat. Lol. In all seriousness though, if you put a crowd of hikers in a room it is usually blatantly obvious the ones hiking the PCT and the ones on the JMT. And almost all the JMT hikers go southbound, so we pass by *so many* everyday. Anyhow, I dunno how to explain it, other than you start to see certain patterns and stereotypes amongst JMT hikers and it's just kind of funny. Lol. :) not only that but I think us PCTers start to go a little kookoo as we near 900 miles. Yeah. I'll just blame it on the insanity. :D

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