Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 68: selden pass...are we there yet? Lol

Monday 6/25/12
Miles 846-866.5 (20.5 miles)
Elevation 10,587'

Yes we did another 20 mile day. Lol. We are nuts. Holy crap I am so tired. But it's ok. :)

Today we went up Selden Pass. It was an interesting day of hiking, elevation-wise. It started with about 10 miles of downhill, which was awesome. So we ended up around 8,500'. Then we had about 10 miles of uphill, which kinda sucked. Lol. Selden Pass felt like it took forever because just when you think you're at the top, it keeps going. They say that about Muir Pass, but I was already expecting it, so perhaps that's why it didn't seem so bad.

There was a 5 mile section of switchbacks today that went straight up a hill. Ugh that was tough. Lol. There was no water either. Then you got to the top of the switchback section and there was a stream yay! On a normal Pass, this is where the top of the pass would be. But noooo that is not the case. Lol. Then the trail started going slightly downhill. I thought, wtf?!? I was definitely grateful for the downhill because I was able to go a lot faster, but knowing I had to go *up* over a pass, and losing all this elevation was slightly bothersome. Lol.

Shortly after this, it was around 6pm and I just totally hit a wall. Oh my gosh I was soooo tired. And cold. Bleh. I did about 15 miles at this point. So I sat on a log and ate beef jerky, teddy grams, and one of my honey stinger waffles, and I felt better. I got my 2nd wind. :) I think I need to eat more. Everyday around 2:30 my stomach starts to hurt. I thought it was the aftermath of that horrible stomach ache I had a few days ago, but Kyle said he felt the same thing until he started eating more. Then he felt better. Anyhow, I found Kyle about 50 yards up the trail, he was sitting by a rock waiting for me (I hate inclines and I take forever going up. Lol. Kyle hauls ass uphill), he just ate a bunch. Apparently we were both just stuffing out faces with food and feeling sorry for ourselves at about the same time. Haha :D

A little bit up the trail, I found Hee Haw and Problem Bear by a lake!! These two are half of the "PCT men's support group". Lol! I really like those two guys, I'm so stoked I found them! We were all in bishop at the same time, I heard Hee Haw was getting X-rays on his foot. It turns out all is well, I was glad to see that. Hee Haw is a professional musician and has been carrying a carbon fiber guitar since the start. We stopped to talk with them for a while and I mention Gecko and Faceplant, and right at that moment, Faceplant walks by! Yay! I was stoked to be around all my favorite people :)

It started to get really cold so we walked on. And on and on. Where the heck was the top of the pass dangit!!? Arrrggg! Lol. By the way it was absolutely gorgeous. Lots of really pretty lakes and trees. But at this point I was really cold and pissed off so I was just hauling ass and I didn't stop to take pics, sorry :) wow I walk fast when I am cold and mad. lol.

At one point, looking at what i thought was the top of the Pass, I said to Kyle, "if this isn't selden pass I think I'm going to cry." lol. To which he responded, "um, that's not selden pass". Arrrrggg!! Lol. Well, at least I had warning, so I didn't cry. Haha. But we were pretty close to the top.

We finally went up and over selden pass AKA "the pass that took forever", and I was stoked. It was cold so we threw the tent up at the first flat area by a stream that we found. Yay!

Despite all my complaining, I am so incredibly grateful there is no snow!! Lol. Oh man this would suck so much if there was snow, because then we would also have to coordinate going over the passes at certain times of the day so the snow wouldnt be too hard/soft. That's such a pain in the ass. Lol.

Anyhow, it's COLD, so I'm going to Lu my gloves back on a be warm. :) tomorrow we get our resupply at Mono Hot Springs!! Yay!! :). Goodnight everyone! Aloha <3

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  1. Keala, I look forward to your posts everyday and when you can't post, I wonder what you and Kyle are doing right now!! I am grateful that you are sharing such epic moments and pictures with all of us that are keeping up with your blog. Thank you!! I saw that you got bakery goods from Schatz Bakery. I used to bake with a guy who had a cookie/cake business on the Northshore of Oahu, where I lived, and he is definitely related to them!! Cheers to you and your hike! Keep smiling and enjoy!