Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 70: Mono Hot Springs

Wednesday 6/27/12
Miles 0
Elevation same as yesterday

So...we intended on leaving today but as you can see by the mileage above, we didn't get too far. Lol. Kyle was saying this place reminds him of the summer camp he never went to. I agree. :) This place is *amazing*!! We spent the morning hanging out with the locals (the people who work here), and the rest of the day talking to all the vacationers.

One gal named Monica was so cool!! She is an 8th grade special Ed teacher in Lancaster, and she also sword fights! It's funny because I was on the college fencing team at UCI (i fenced foil) and I'm obsessed with swords, and she fences with SCA (she fences epeè). She's so cool. She also had a suuuuuuper cute and fuzzy husky/malamute/wolf puppy mix. He is 6 months old and sooooo cute and fuzzy!!! I'm slightly obsessed with puppies. Lol

We hung out at the hot spring by our tent for about 4 hours. I have a pic of kyle in it. It is a real popular one because its the warmest of the springs (about 104-107*F), so everyone goes there. We were doing laundry and then drying it all, and in that time we probably talked to everyone who was vacationing here. Lol.

People were really stoked to hear about our trip, many had no idea what the PCT is. One really cool lady came back later and gave Kyle an extra freeze dried backpacker meal she had leftover from a hike she did. Thank you kind lady!

We met a large family who was here for a family reunion, they took a liking to us and invited us to dinner. It was AMAZINg!! They fed us spaghetti and garlic bread and beer and wine and soda, it was great! Thank you awesome family!! The meatballs were hands down the best I've ever had. YUM. The family was so cool. They were from all over California. There was about 18 of them, and it was the most cordial and civil family reunion I've ever seen. Lolol!! Everyone was so cool. They were all so stoked to hear about our trip and asked us a lot of questions. It was fun. We spent the whole evening with them. I felt like a superstar. Lol! Thank you awesome family for your beautiful hospitality!! <3

Ok tomorrow we're gonna leave. For reals. :P

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