Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 64: must...get back...on trail...

Thursday 6/21/12
Miles 789-792 (11 miles, including the Kearsarge pass trail that connects onion valley campground to the pct)
Elevation 10,800'

Sometimes its really hard to get back on the trail. Lol. The trail angels Bristlecone and Überbitch made coffee and pancakes. I look a pic of them. They've been camping there for about 2 weeks now, helping out thru-hikers. Thanks guys!! <3 We also ate the cinnamon roll and bananas we got last night. Ooo it was so yummy. :)

Happy Hike Naked Day! Yes, June 21st is national hike naked day. Surprisingly enough I didn't see that many naked hikers. :(. I guess it's a lot more popular on the AT (appalachian trail) than the pct. I only saw a couple people hiking naked, and both were going southbound so they were probably JMTers (John Muir Trail). The pct and JMT are the same trail at this point, so we've been seeing about 10-20 JMT hikers each day since mt.whitney (JMT hikers generally go southbound, their trail ends on Whitney). Oh, if you're curious, no I did not hike naked. Lol. That would be some gnarly chaffing! O.o. Kyle didn't either. Or, at least he wasn't naked the times I saw him. He walks a lot faster than I do so he's always ahead of me; I run into him when he stops to take breaks.

We didn't leave camp til 10am! It's ok though, because we went over 2 passes today, that is hard work! That is pretty much what the sierras consist of. Going up and down several thousand feet of elevation each day, over various passes. Lol. Kearsarge Pass was a 2,000' climb to 11,000', then a slight descent, then up to Glen Pass which is around 12,000' I think.

Prior to ascending Glen Pass we found Gecko and Faceplant taking a siesta by a lake. Thats them in the pic next to Kyle. I really like those two, they are on the same casual schedule as us. We all like to take the time to enjoy our surroundings :) Faceplant is from England, and he is absolutely hilarious. Whenever he talks I imagine a mix of Monty Python and the Holy Grail meets Top Gear. Lol :D. Another reason I like those two is because they like red wine as much as I do. Except they are able to consume more than I. Perhaps it is a good thing we aren't all traveling together, we'd never make any progress. Lol!! :D

So at some point today, I got the idea in my head to bike back down to Mexico with Kyle after I get to Canada. Lol. I already got my return ticket for Oct 8th out of Bellingham washington, but I'm not sure I'm gonna finish before that date. So, if I have to change the ticket anyways I might as well just fly out of San Diego... :) The only problem is I *really* want to get back to Hawaii before Halloween. I miss my stage family. :( And Halloween is one of the busiest times for us. BAH. >.< Plus I have no bike. Neither does Kyle. I was thinking, if I were to do this I'm gonna try and get sponsors. I mean, at that point I would have already walked over 2,650 miles so that would give me some serious street credibility, right? :) Besides, I plan in cycling the Continental Divide at some point in the foreseeable future, so this will be good practice. Hm. I'll think about this more in depth when I get to Oregon.

Oh, and I just got an idea for another tattoo I want to get. Preferably somewhere on trail. I just gotta find an epic tattoo artist. Speaking of which, for those of you on Oahu, and want to get a tattoo, check out He's the guy that did the pieces on my back and side. Not only is he an amazing tattoo artist, but he's an incredibly talented artist too, as well as an amazing human being. Really awesome aura. I get compliments on his work all the time. Him and his wife own the tattoo shop on the north shore next to the xcel shop and 7-11. They are such incredibly awesome people. I got a project for jimmy when I get back :)

Anyhow, Kyle and i camped on the other side of Glen Pass. It was one of the most epic campsites I've had. A grassy area next to a flowing stream. Soooo perfect! This is the first time in almost 800 miles that I got to camp on grass on trail. It was soooo nice and soft :) the Mosquitos are surprisingly not too bad either. I made a video on pitching my tent (its a Tarptent Notch). I'll post it when I get wifi. Anyhow, it's really cold, so I'm gonna stop typing so my fingers can warm up :)

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