Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Day 165: wow, beautiful day in Washington

Sunday 9/30/12
Miles 2,332-2,346 (14 miles)
Elevation 5,979'

Oh glorious sunny day!! We didn't get back on trail til 2pm. Lol! We want to give Sam the trail name Trapper Keeper because she is so good at trapping hikers wherever she is, because she is so awesome. Lol!

Today was a lovely and wonderful day of hiking. Oh glorious sunshine!! <3. We walked on a ridge opposite of a ski resort. I don't know which one it was but it was really big. And you can see Ranier from up there. I took a break at some point, and ate some salami, cheese, dark chocolate, and red wine. The most epic combination of food I could possibly think of. And I thought to myself, this is amazing!! :) <3

Oh! For all you aspiring PCT 2013 hikers. This is the time you want to start researching gear. And keep an eye out for sales. I bought about 80% of my gear from these following websites:
The 2nd and 3rd site is a division of backcountry.com. They are so epic. I bought lots of stuff from them. The Clymb is a members-only site, you need an email invite to join. It's free. If anyone needs an email invite send me an e-mail (kealadancer@gmail.com). It's awesome because when the people you invite buy something for the first time, you get a $10 credit. So everyone email me for an invite because I need some gear for my next adventure. :D

Seriously though, you can get some amazing deals if you keep and eye out. And REI is always a good place to get stuff. There are several REIs along trail that are relatively accessible, so you can always swap out stuff if anything breaks along the way.

Oh, and if you're in an area where you have the luxury of actually trying on a backpack, make sure you do so. There are no outfitters on Oahu (well, there's Soul Trex but they're not geared toward long-distance hikers) which is why I had to buy everything online. Including my pack, so it was always a crapshoot whether anything would fit. But yeah. Try on your pack. I'm lucky mine fit. It's not a perfect fit but hey it got me this far. :)

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