Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 168: My Claaaannn!!! And an epic Kidnapping :)

Wednesday 10/03/12
Miles 2393-2401 (8 miles)
Elevation 3,000'

Daaaaamn it was a cold morning! We were walking on frost, and some of the shallower small ponds were frozen over. Bleeeeeh! That's ok. We mowed it over to Snoqualmie Pass. It actually took me a lot longer than I thought it would. Washington is very pointy so there's a lot of ups and downs, and they're often kinda steep. Bleh. Lol!

Anyhow, I got to walk down another ski slope yay! But this time I knew where I was going because I could see the buildings at the bottom. Haha! When I got to the road CJ, my resupply person, was there with a cooler of beer and fruit and cheese and candy. YUM!! :) Doe Eyes and Scrub Rat were there, as well as G and Hotwing. Kyle was on his 2nd beer. Lol! Funny how G and Hotwing always seem to pop up in random places when people are giving out beer. Haha! It's like they smell it from miles away or something. I thought those guys were way ahead.

Anyhow, CJ brought Butterstuff and Wompus. I have a whole clan of stuffed animals (whom I refer to as "my clan") and they all have names and personalities. Some of them have jobs. I was stoked to see my animals! Lol! Butterstuff is a dalmatian (he also was with me on the hike til about mile 600) and the head of my clan, and Wompus is a huge shark with a mouth that opens and closes.

Anyhow, CJ kidnapped us and took her back to her house which is kind of nearby. Most epic trail angel on Trail! :D We all went out to eat Korean BBQ because Kyle has been craving that since the Mexican border. Lol! Oh man it was YUMMY!! It was an actual Korean place. A lot of times with Asian food it can be kinda gnarly. Haha! But we are on the outskirts of Seattle so it's not like we're in a rural place. The place was run by Koreans who knew how to do it right! Lol! Gosh it was yummy. We had a grill in front of us so we just ordered a bunch of meat and cooked it in front of us. YUM! The kimchee was super duper yummy too. Oh glorious day!

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