Thursday, October 04, 2012

Pics: Trout Lake --> GOAT ROCKS!!! --> White Pass

Mt.Adams from Tamarack Lake

...banana hammock?

first look at Mt.Ranier

cool lake in the distance

really cool misty view

cool small waterfall, it was around 6-8' tall

cool rock area, yay for a dirt trail and not a trail covered in rocks!  lol :)

someone took a *lot* of time doing this

theres some kind of rodent sitting on that rock in the middle of the photo.  it looks like a REALLY fat marmot, or  a beaver, but we were in high elevation so not sure if beavers live up here

The following photos are from Goat Rocks Wilderness, which is south of White Pass (hwy 12) in WA. The Knife's Edge portion of trail, was by far the most fun part of the entire PCT hike, this far.  It was an *amazing* experience and the views were unreal.  Plus, we were up there at sunset and I saw possibly the most amazing sunset in my life.  Walking down the knife's edge in the dark was freaking gnarly.  Lol!  It was soooo fun!!! :D
coming up on the knife's edge.  i felt like i was on top of the world 
what is all this white crap?!?

Mt.Ranier in the distance.  I think this is possibly my most favorite picture I've taken on the trip thus far. :)

it was *really* breezy up there...lolol!!

cool silouette

Kyle, hiking toward the moonrise

PCT No Ka Oi <3
epic photoshoot! :)

one of the wider portions of the Knife's Edge

amaaaaaazing sunset!!  this picture doesn't even begin to do justice to the epicness of the moment.

Kyle holding two rocks

Knife's Edge, before it got dark

Kyle drinking coffee in front of the Cookie Monster Glacier!  It looks like cookie monster tossing a cookie into his mouth!  lol!!

we camped just to the left of this.  it was a cool view to wake up to

the peak of Mt.Ranier, peeking up from the smoke from some fire to the east

Cool views

thats the trail cutting across the mountain

this was the ski slope that i was suppsed to have come down from.  i took the wrong "shortcut" and came waaaaay out to the right of all this.  lol.  oops.  it was really fun thought :)

yay!  i found it!

mini hiker reunion!!  Chameleon in the red, Scrub Rat center, Doe Eyes in the rear right, Pitfall in the trucker hat on the right


  1. Cookie Monster Glacier is the best picture of the whole "trip".

  2. Rain coming, baby girl. Look for it starting this coming weekend. Aloha and stay cool. TJ