Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 171: holy epic views batman!

Saturday 10/6/12
Miles 2412-2430 (18 miles)
Elevation 5,564'

Holy macaroni and cheeseballs batman! Today's views were incredible!! We were up on a ridge for the first half of the day and had absolutely amazing panoramic views of the valleys and lakes below. Today was one of those days where you feel like you're on top of the world. <3. The terrain was kinda tough though, really rocky. It didn't hurt, just was reeeeeally slow going. UGH. It was 4:30 by the time I did only 12 miles! UGH! I suppose starting at 10am doesn't help. Lol. Plus there were tons of other people on trail today so I stopped a lot to make conversation.

Arg I lost my leggings. They were cinched on the outside of my pack and fell off somewhere. Arg! You'd think I'd learn, I lost my beanie this way but Hee Haw picked it up and returned it. Thanks Hee Haw! Anyhow, I thought about going back to look for it but eh, I was already running late. And they're not that warm anyways. I still have my rain pants. I hope I can find a pain in Skykomish.

We hiked til after dark. The last portion of hiking today was up the side of a mountain. Kyle left me trail magic! He put a Milky Way Dark candy bar on the trail for me. Lol. Thanks Kyle! Oh, it's funny, yesterday we packed out a bag of those mini Hostess powdered donuts. Kyle *loves* those. When I found him 8 miles up the trail, he still had it strapped to his pack. I was like, WOW! I expected to find him sitting somewhere with powder all over his clothes and an empty bag. Lol! He said since I had the self control to save half of my Coffee Crisp candy bar for him last week, he exercised enough self control to not eat all the donuts. Lol. Awww, thanks Kyle! :). By the way, if you are a foodie, that is reason enough to hike the PCT. You can eat whatever you want. Even the crappy high calorie zero nutrition foods that you'd never be able to eat in regular life. Lol. Because, on trail you need to eat for nutrition, but after that you just need calories. Especially the men. Those fruit pie things that come wrapped in wax packaging, that are pure sugar and no nutritional value, yeah those are quite a commodity on trail. They're about 400 calories each. And when you're on trail, it's hard to keep enough calorie intake. Hence all the men lose ridiculous amounts of weight. Women don't seem to though, for whatever reason. Oh well. At least I'm not gaining weight. :) and on that note, it's dinner time! Time to stuff my face with food. NOM NOM NOM! Lol :)

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