Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 174: in and out of Skykomish, WA

Tuesday 10/9/12
Miles 2468-2480 (12 miles)
Elevation 4482'

The trail going into Stevens Pass went under some ski lifts. Right as I was at the top of the lift, the chairs started moving! I stood there for about 5 minutes, seriously contemplating on jumping on the chair lift and riding it down. I ultimately decided not to because if it stopped moving I'd be stuck and have to ninja my way off the lift. Which, if I wasn't trying to get to Canada is do it in a heartbeat because shimmying on that cable and climbing the poles sound super fun. But for now, I can't break my leg. Plus my pack would have gotten in the way too.

Right when we got to Stevens Pass, a trail angel was dropping off Easily Distracted! Yay! Stoked to see her, and stoked we easily got a ride into Skykomish! The town of Skykomish is super tiny, it's an early 1900s railroad town. The Sky Liquor and Deli is where we hung out to organize our resupply. That place is awesome! It's a liquor/deli/coffee shop/convenience store, and the staff rocks! :). If any of you live in the area and ski Stevens Pass, visit Skykomish. They have one small hotel. Go to the liquor store and say hi to Misty. The quirkiest thing about this town is that there is an electric car charging station. And right behind it is an I-beam bridge probably from the early 1900s. Interesting juxtaposition. :)

We found Doe Eyes and Scrub Rat there too. We all hitched back on the trail together.

We didn't start hiking til it was already dark. But we got 4 miles in. Yay! That's the secret to not getting sucked into staying in towns. Just get out. Even if you hike only a mile, as long as you are out of the town you'll be safe. Lol! Stoked its not so cold.

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