Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 176: Glacier Peak Wilderness, smoky day

Thursday 10/11/12
Miles 2,500-2,520 (20 miles)

Today was quite hazy. The wind must be blowing all the smoke from that fire this way. It was another day of dramatic views. We couldn't see as much since it was a lot more hazy, but it was still awesome. It's funny, I always get excited everytime we get close to the top of a peak or saddle or ridge, because I wonder what's on the other side. You'd think I'd be bored of that by now, but nope. There's still that twinge of anticipation when I get near the top of an incline. Lol :)

We stopped for lunch with Doe Eyes and Scrub Rat. We had the funniest conversation. We were saying how funny it would be to have a dinner party with friends and family, but all the food would be thru-hiker style food. Hahaha! :D. This all came about because Kyle was eating a piece of bread with cream cheese, bologna, and crushed cheese-its sprinkled on top. Which probably sounds disgusting to most of you, but it's oddly quite good. Such could be said about all the stuff we eat, really. Haha. Then I was saying how we could start a catering company called Hiker-Trash Catering. For banquets on a budget. Doe Eyes said we'd be doing some pretty gnarly weddings. Hahaha.

So the whole area we hiked through the latter half of the day was wrecked by a storm pretty bad in 2003. I couldn't see much because it was already dark, but it looked pretty gnarly from what I could see. There were downed trees everywhere. It kind of reminded me of going through the blowdown areas by Reds Meadow in the northern sierras.

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