Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 169-170: zero, and then more hiking!

Thursday 10/04/12
Miles 0

Friday 10/05/12
Miles 2402-2412 (10 miles)
Elevation 5,033'

I spent most of Thursday morning uploading all the pics. These were pretty much all of Washington thus far. Dang that took a while. Today was a nice zero day. I didnt move very much. Haha! Cj made us breakfast. Uber Yumballs! Later in the day we went to this place called Total Wine. Oh my god, that is possibly the coolest store in the world. It is the size of a GIANT supermarket, but it is filled with just wine, beer, and liquor. And all kinds of wine and beer accessories (stemware, corks with a vacuum seal, openers, aerators, etc) Oh my god it was amazing. Lol!

So, I invented a drink. It's called Squizzler, named after my squirrel. Mix 1 part whiskey, 2 parts hazelnut liqueur, and 2 parts chocolate liqueur (such as the one Godiva makes) in a martini shaker filled with ice. Swirl chocolate syrup on the inside of an empty martini glass (this is just for aesthetics). Strain mix into martini glass. Garnish with a Ferrero Rocher candy. YUM!!! Tastes great a la mode as well. :)

Craiggo came to visit! Yaaaay! I haven't seen Craiggo in forever. He is driving us back to the trailhead tomorrow. I slept in this bean bag chair thing. It was amazing. Oh my god it was wonderful. It is this cylindrical shaped bean bag chair that can fit 2 people, but it's not stuffed with beans. I dunno what it is filled with, but it feels like little chopped up pieces of memory foam. Lol! It's amazing!! Too bad I can't pack it on the trail with me. Lolol!

Friday morning CJ made us biscuits and gravy. YUM!! On this trip I have discovered I like certain things: 1)veggie omlette with bacon, 2)Pabst Blue Ribbon beer (Kyle says I'm a closet redneck. Lol), and 3)biscuits and gravy. WIN!

Craiggo drove us back to snoqualmie pass in his hugeass truck. It's gigantic. I have a pic of me next to the door. It's funny. The top of the bed of the truck is well over my head. Whee! At least it's easy to find Craiggo's truck in a parking lot. :)

The 10 miles of hiking we did on Friday were EPIC. We had to climb up a bigass hill which sucked but oh my god it was so epic from the top!! Very dramatic views of steep mountains and deep canyons. We aren't even that high in elevation but it feels like we are! Dang it is so cool. And damn it was cold at night! Geez! I am so grateful it is not raining or snowing! Lol!

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