Thursday, October 04, 2012

Pics: Trout Lake Abbey!!

The Trout Lake Abbey is so awesome I'm dedicating an entire picture post to the awesomeness of this place.  check it out at Trout Lake Abbey and at Mt.Adams Zen Center

the Buddhist Temple is in the 2nd floor of this building.  its really pretty in there!  lovely floor to ceiling murals and stuff. :)

the Druid worship area.  the Sanctuary is on the left (it looks like a hobbit house/swiss cheese!), and the Henge is in the middle

the Henge.  it is used for rituals.  it is AMAZING.  all the stone pillars have lights on the bottom so when they light up the area at night, it looks *amazing*, or so Kirk (the Druid) tells us.

Kyle, in front of the pond.  normally you could see Mt.Adams in the background, but it is covered in smoke (the western base of Mt.Adams is on fire, and the PCT is closed, because it goes near that fire)

theres a really cool stream that runs though the entire property, it fills the pond and also irrigates the entire farm.  its so cool!

Kwan-Yin. <3


Kyle and I were petting this dog for about an hour and a half

you can't really tell, but this gold puppy was soooo fat!  lol!  she was so awesome!  i wanted to take her hiking with me to Canada.  not sure if a puppy backpack would fit around her rotund middle section. lol!

Greta, the German Shepard puppy that understands German and Danish

Squizzle says, "Canada or Bust!"

the main house at the Trout Lake Abbey

the Buddhist Temple

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