Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pics Days 175-176: Stevens Pass to Stehekin part 1

red leaves, green trees, brown mountains, white snow

more colors of fall

haha, someone scraped this out of moss on a rock.

going the correct way... whew!

someone wrote "2500" in moss.  the picture is just sideways.  yay we hit 2500!

its crazy how every single day it seems as if the leaves are getting redder and redder

up one mountain and down one mountain, lather rinse repeat

passes are cool, usually really windy though.

lookin kinda cold... :(

a lot of the bridges we crossed looked something like this.  in 2003 a storm wrecked the whole area and took out a lot of bridges.  this one was solid enough to still use.  times like this i'm glad i'm traveling on foot and not horseback or something.

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