Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pics Days 172-174: Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass part 2

still going north

burn area and glaciers in the background

a huge lake down below us, with glaciers in the background.  too back i couldn't capture the full epicness of this photo because the mountains in the background were quite amazing

Kyle found that beanie on the trail.  we call it "bad decision cap".  the funny thing is, it is the exact opposite colors of the beanie i made (bright lime green and black, with the ears) which i call "thinking cap"

i think that was Cathedral Rock.  we camped somewhere around this spot, but didn't get there til dark.  we woke up and found this view.  yay for surprise epic views!

this stream starts waaaaay up there

fall colors


kyle's um, "artwork"  hahaha!  thanks for the logistical assistance,

Deception Lakes.  it was AMAZING.  my favorite lake since Lake Aloha which was outside of Tahoe

Kyle, pretending to rock climb.  it would have been pretty believable if i crop those shoes out of the pic. lol!

deception lakes.  not sure why they call it that.  it is decievingly warm looking.  almost tropical. lol!

pointy mountains in the distance.  it sure looks different from Oregon, where it was more rolly and smooth

mountains and deep valleys

i love trees. <3

Kyle leaves me artwork along the trail.  lol!  i asked him earlier when i saw him to draw me a flower.  and this is what he drew. hee hee.

i found Kyle sitting here with those camouflage pants on.  where the heck did you get those, kyle?!  i imagined some hunter running around the forest, pantless.  lol!  ugh...  kyle said he found them on trail.  along with those sunglasses.  In a Larry the Cable Guy voice: "When most of what you're wearing was found on trail, you know you're a thru-hiker.." -Kyle

treeeees! <3  and lovely mountains in the background

super cool view of a lake and mountains

the amazing colors of fall
coming into Stevens Pass, we go by a ski area.  when i was at the top of this, the chairs started moving.  i stood there for about 5 minutes, contemplating whether or not i should jump on.  i decided against it :)

a salamander on trail i almost stepped on.  this thing was really cool looking!

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