Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 167: wet morning, but lovely sunny day!

Tuesday 10/02/12
Miles 2373-2393 (20 miles)
Elevation 4,200'

Dang it rained a lot last night. At 3am we both woke up, and parts of the floor of the tent were wet. Which then soaked into our sleeping bags. What the hell?! It is the weirdest thing. Because in order for the floor of the tent to be wet. Water would have had to soak through our ground cloth, which is tyvek which is waterproof. And why the hell wouldn't the bottom of the tent be waterproof? Maybe it was condensation from our body heat, but it was a lot of moisture on the floor. I don't think it was condensation. I seriously think the tent is cursed. Boo. I had a bad feeling about it since day one. >:(

Anyhow, we woke up a few hours later in the morning and our bags were somewhat drier. Yay! Down bags do not insulate when wet so we both put on some extra layers earlier. Anyhow, it stopped raining yay! But everything was still wet. Oh well. It's a sunny day, we'll dry it out at lunch.

It's funny, last night, I put Kyle's pack cover on because I thought it would rain. I also put his shoes under his pack so they wouldn't be wet. I took my pack inside the tent, but forgot to take *my* shoes in. So they were all wet. And Kyle had dry shoes. Lol! It's all good though, since there isn't much to the 5 finger shoes, they dried out as I was walking, fairly quickly.

To dry out my tyvek, I hooked it to the back of my pack and let it trail behind me as I walked so it'd air out. There is a guy on trail named Train. He is doing the entire hike in various wedding dresses (his blog is Its extra funny because he's really tall (over 6'), bald, and has a handlebar mustache. Lol! I wish I got to meet him, but he's always been ahead of me. Anyhow, as I was walking around with my white(ish) tyvek trailing behind me, I thought, hmmm this must be what Train feels like as he hikes. Haha!

Anyhow, at lunch we laid everything out to dry. It was pretty sunny with a nice breeze so everything dried out more or less. It was cold tho. Dang it's crazy how it is nice and warm in the sun and super cold in the shade!

We camped out at a lake. I didn't roll in til after dark, Kyle had the tent up. I was making all these Sasquatch noises as I approached the tent. That's when Kyle told me there were two people camped right by us. Oops!! My bad. Anyhow, tomorrow we get to snoqualmie pass!! And I get to see my clan YAY!!!! :D

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