Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 172: woke up to a frozen tent

Sunday 10/07/12
Miles 2430-2449 (19 miles)
Elevation 5,416'

Dang. So I woke up this morning and had ice on the *inside* of my tent. What normally is condensation turned into frost. That was gnarly. My water in the bladder that I left outside was half frozen too. I had to squeeze it to break up the chunk of ice. And the water in my bladder hose completely froze. Bleh. It was cold. O.o

Kyle woke up with a headache. Poopies. He's been getting those a lot lately, I have no idea why. On the bright side of things, he says I have a knack for getting rid of his headaches when I give him a head massage. More than medication ever has, anyways. So that's cool. :). Basically I spent all morning kneading away at his head. And it eventually went away. Yay! We ended up not leaving camp til about 11:30. Yikes! Lol! Dang our campsite was epic though. We didn't stop to camp til dark last night so it was one of those surprise campsites where we woke up and were like, WOW!! Epic view! Hence we hung around for a while. Despite our late start we still got 19 miles in. Stoked!

Also, despite the frozen morning, today was epically warm and sunny. Whoo hoo!! Oh glorious day! :) The hiking was really pretty today. More dramatic views of steep mountains and deep valleys.

Kyle and I were talking about cool presents we got for Christmas. He was saying that oftentimes he'd get shared presents, since he has a twin brother, and one year they got the N64 video game system. I think I might have gotten a sega genesis a while ago. But as for me, I don't really remember a stand-out present. I'm sure I've gotten a lot of great stuff over the years. But the Christmas that I remember the most was when I drove down to Baja California by myself and surfed. I used to do that a lot on Thanksgiving and Christmas, when I lived in Huntington Beach. My family would often travel on the holidays and for one reason or another I wasn't able to ever go. But it was ok because going to Baja was fun. It was perfect, because there was no traffic and no one in the lineup. I had so much fun down there it wouldn't even matter if the surf was good or not. Plus, I loved surfing Baja because I would aways stop at Puerto Nuevo for some epic lobster. And at the border crossing at Tijuana, you wait in a long line but there are tons of people running by the cars, hawking their items for you to buy, and I LOVED the churros they sold. Oh my god they were amazing. I would bring large napkins with me to put on my lap so the cinammon/sugar wouldn't get all over the car. Lol! Yeah, those were my favorite Christmases. So you see, it's not the stuff you have that you'll remember, it's the experiences that you'll never forget. :) Years from now I probably won't remember what kind of gear I used on this hike, but the experiences I've had I'll remember forever and ever. Like Goat Rocks, and night hiking the Mojave, and Kyle's dance moves. Lol! And the random Hitchiking. And wildlife sightings. And the people I've met. So there ya go people, go outside and make some memories. :)

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