Thursday, October 04, 2012

Pics: White Pass --> Snoqualmie Pass

foggy morning in WA
deep valley

the low clouds there looked like a blanket of fluffy cotton candy over the mountains

Sam from Ollalie Lake was doing trail magic at Chinook Pass!  Her tent was NUTS!  It had a door .  Not a zipper flap.  But an actual DOOR.  with a handle.  that opened and closed.  lol!!

that brown blob in the middle of the pic is a bear.  it was a small bear!

another cool view

i think thats Mt.Ranier, from the north, looking south

a cool hut on trail, built by volunteers from a local snowmobile club

Mt.Ranier, i think

an interesting mix of colors: fall leaves, and a burn area

the foreground isn't so cool, but the background is *amazing*, the horizon and sky.  oh my... <3

Mt.Ranier in the evening

really cool sunset

its a Squizzle sized whiskey bottle!


clear-cut logged out areas

the mountains here are a lot more pointy than Oregon


Snoqualmie Pass!

Kyle with my clan!!! <3  Wompus the great white shark, and Butterstuff, the dalmatian

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