Thursday, October 04, 2012

Pics: Cascade Locks, Oregon --> Trout Lake, Washington

At Shrek's Swamp, a trail angel's house in Cascade Locks:
Kyle's transition from morning to afternoon: coffee in one hand, beer in the other

Squizzle, inspired by Kyle, now has a mohawk.  And a hiking kilt.  Kyle needs a hiking kilt too. :D

My squirrel is a (functioning) alcoholic!  Squizzle!  I don't think squirrels can swim!!! 

Crossing the Bridge of the Gods at night.  This bridge goes over the Columbia River, the OR/WA state border is halfway on this bridge.  Doing this at night was really cool, because the floor of the bridge is a grate, and so you can see through it.  It was interesting walking in the 5 finger shoes, because my toes would get stuck in the grates and it was hard not to trip.  Lol!

We're in Washington!  This is the town on the other side of river, opposite of Cascade Locks.

this was a pretty fancy campsite!  it had stone lining around the trees!  like someone's front lawn!  lol!!

view in Washington

this was our first full day in WA.  it was overcast and bleh.  i'm turning around and walking back to Bend, damnit!  lol!

sunshine!  oh glorious sunshine!

random property in the middle of nowhere (the trail actually passes to the right of the house)

interesting 1/2 picnic table, with a bag of delicious plums!!!  thanks, anonymous person that left them there! :)

cool bridge

awesome encouragement along the trail. lol!

i don't remember what i was taking a pic of

Kyle, becoming one with the earth...

my Shrek Bandana skirt.  my other skirt (that i've had since day one),  fell apart 2 days out of cascade locks.  the bandanas were the only fabric i had with me.

Washington view.  a patch of reforested area

I was standing right on top of this, until Scallywag pointed it out to me. :)

Kyle's hands were cold.  I told him his butt is warm.  This is one solution to warming his hands.

fuzzy  hitchiker!

Washington evening scenic shot

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