Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pics Days 177-179: RAIN

rain rain go away, come again some other day...

those low mist clouds hanging over the valleys below looked pretty cool

that is ice over the lake.  we tried to stop for lunch here, it was COLD. 

Kyle in his rain gear

new bridge over the Suiattle River.  it was really nice.  and pretty damn long.

the Suiattle River.  the alternative to taking the bridge in the above photo (which i am standing on to take this shot) was to shimmy across a log that lie over this river.  um....i think i'm glad we took the bridge. :)

i LOVE my chrome dome umbrella.

where'd the blue skies go? :(

this was a particularly cold area.  it was rainy, and we were walking by a glacial area and so the wind was coooold.  brrr.

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