Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 183: retreat to Winthrop! and regear

Thursday 10/18/12
Miles 4.5
Elevation 1,760'

We woke up and it wasn't snowING.  So that was good.  It was interesting, we got here at dark so we couldn't see anything.  When we woke up it looked like a winter wonderland.  Quite pretty.  But not so fun when you gotta hike through it unprepared.  Heres what we walked through:

the view from inside the tent

snow actually wasn't too bad on top of cutthroat pass (love the name! lol), but coming up to it and going down from it, the trail was covered in a lot of fresh powder

first time ever in my life i stepped out of a tent and into snow

the trail going back down

first time in my life hiking in snow

i don't think i'm in the right kind of shoes for this... holy crap it was COLD
Looking around, it was quite obvious that we were under-geared, and breaking trail in knee deep snow would totally suck.   So we decided to turn around, head back to the highway at Rainy Pass, and look for Hee Haw and crew and maybe figure out another plan.  On the way down, we found Cityfood, Doe Eyes, and Scrub Rat.  They camped about a mile away from us.  We all decided to hitch into Winthrop.

When we got there, we found Hee Haw and Scallywag on the side of the road, hitching out.  They were planning on going for it.  We thought they were crazy but they seemed pretty positive.  Anyhow, Winthrop is a really cool town. 

kyle and cityfood.  we thought kyle should take the one with the mohawk.

this was outside Schoolhouse Brewery

most epic sign ever

that chandelier is so badass.  its made from a bicycle wheel, all the gears and cogs, and a bike chains.  the thing in the background is made from silverware and gears

the gas station in Winthrop

donwtown Winthrop

i should have had this on my pack since Campo, CA. lol!

this should be Team K Squared's motto. :D

this should also be Team K Squared's motto

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