Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 175: up and down and up and down...

Wednesday 10/10/12
Miles 2480-2500 (20 miles)
Elevation 4,185'

Dang today was slow going. Mainly because of the huge elevation loss/gains. We went up and down 1,000 feet at least several times today. Doe Eyes and Scrub Rat were really dragging too. We all didn't get moving til 9:30/10am this morning. Lol! Ah well. At least we still got 20 miles in. We ended up hiking well past dark though. We've been doing that a lot lately. Our reasoning is, it is easier to keep walking til after sundown because you're already moving and warm, whereas waking up super early to walk when it's super super cold, is just lame. Lol!

I swapped my rain pants with Doe Eyes. We have the exact same pant but I had a size medium and she had an extra small. Hers were way too short and mine were too long. So we switched and now we both have fitting pants! Yay! :)

Oh, Astro caught up to us too! Yay! Astro is so cool. He has cancer (he's 23) and has taken an alternative medicine lifestyle, and has been on a spiritual quest for the last 2 years. He's had leg problems due to medication and stuff this whole hike (he started April 7th). He recently got some type of new treatment in Yakima, Washington which was just developed for his specific type of ailment. Anyhow, he says he feeling great. Astro is such a cool dude, definitely an inspiration. <3

The views today were pretty amazing. Plus the sky is a lot clearer. The last few weeks it's been real smoky due to some huge fire to the east of the trail.

I've been thinking about Skykomish all day today. It's a nifty little place. Not much to it, basically 5 buildings and a few houses here and there. Lol! There are trail angels known as the Dinsmores who live nearby. I'm bummed we didn't get to visit. They're the only one of the main trail Angels along the PCT who I didn't visit. We just didn't have time. :(

It's been getting pretty cold. Even when it's sunny, if you're not sitting in direct sunlight, it's pretty chilly. :(. Ultimately I am so grateful that it is sunny everyday. That's just so rad :). Washington is a lot prettier when views with sunshine, and not overcast skies. Or rain. Lol! :)

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