Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 177: rain rain go away...

Friday 10/12/12
Miles 2,520-2,538.5 (18.5 miles)

Today was the day it was forecasted to rain. And it did. Interesting how the day before it was blue skies, and there was no wind at night, and we woke up to overcast skies. And then the rain came. Although the rain here doesn't seem like rain, it's more like a falling mist. Which ultimately I was grateful for. Although for much of the day it really was raining. Today was the 2nd time the entire trip I've used my umbrella for precipitation. The first time was when we were north of Tahoe and it was hailing. Every other time it's rained (maybe 4 or 5 times this whole trip) it was at night. Ah well, the rain had to come at some point.

So, my rain pants don't really work. That's a really crappy thing to discover while in the rain. Lol! I have one of the golite rain pants. It also leaks though my pocket zipper, so my right leg is always soaked. That's not fun. You know what really gets you wet is not so much the rain itself, but all the brush and shrubbery that rubs on you. The trail for the latter half of the day was really overgrown. That really sucked by the way. Lol!

We had a massive climb at the end of the day. It was ridiculous. We didn't stop hiking til about 10:30pm or 11, and we didn't even get 19 miles in. Seriously. The last part sucked. It was such a steep uphill I think I was going about 1mph. And it wasn't like we were intending on hiking so late, there was just nowhere to camp. We were going up a massive amount of switchbacks up the side of a steep mountain. So we finally found a flat spot towards the top.

Anyhow, everything is pretty damp. Even with a pack cover on, stuff still gets wet. Now I wish I used a trash bag to line the inside of my pack. Ah well. At least my spare clothes are dry, and my sleeping bag is dry. I keep my sleeping bag in one of those waterproof compression sacks. They're pretty amazing actually. My sleeping bag is at the bottom of my pack, which was pretty soaked. But the sack kept it dry. Whoo hoo!

Anyhow, stoked I'm warm. Hope the rain lets up a bit tomorrow and the sun comes out. :)

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