Saturday, October 27, 2012

Made it to Canada :)

hey all, sorry for lack of updates, heres a quick one for now. On October 22nd, Team Snowshoe made our triumphant finish at the northern terminus of the PCT.  long story short, we borrowed snowshoes from the lovely and amazing town of Winthrop, WA and snowshoed the last 40 miles into canada.  it was COLD. 

i've been home for 3 days.  just very very very stoked to be WARM.  and doing absolutely NOTHING.  lol!

pics and updates to follow soon.  as well as a gear review, so hold off on your christmas wish lists! :) 

heres a teaser for now:

Team K Squared made it!!  With all our fingers and toes!!! :D

This is what the trail looked like the last 40 miles

remember how i was complaining everyday how much i didn't like that tent?  well it finally came in handy when we had to camp in snow.  also, where i am standing to take this photo, a lynx was standing at this same spot about 10 minutes prior.  so awesome.

more photos and updates to come!  STAY TUNED! :)


  1. Congratulations and well done, an epic finish to an epic trip. Was getting a bit worried there, glad to see you made it safely.

  2. Well done girl. Can't wait for the summary. Boy will you have stories to tell at the Dixe Grill meeting. Thanks for the blog, TJ

  3. Congrats on finishing... Followed your blog the whole way from the very beginning. Looking forward to your CDT blog next year ;)

  4. Months, weeks, days, hours...of entertainment reading your blogs. I too followed from the beginning and was totally entertained by every entry. So, congratulations on your fab journey of the PCT.
    thank you for taking the time to take the world along...dbiker

  5. Wow!!CONGRATULATIONS to you and Kyle! I have never met you but have so much admiration for you. I have never seen you, but have so much respect for you and the courage it took to even tackle something of this magnitude. You have given me so much inspiration to do my own PCT through hike. You have shown me that it can be done. Thank you. You have provided inspiration taller than the highest peak!

  6. Willie and StrawFri Nov 09, 05:43:00 AM

    Holy cow, what an epic finish! We were thinking of you two and curious how the end of the trail treated you. I bet the snow was tough, but I have to say I'm a little jealous. Snowshoeing to the end is about the coolest thing ever. Glad to see things went well. Happy trails!