Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pics Days 169-171: Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass part 1

This section was possibly one of the most scenic sections of the entire trail thus far.  It was a steep climb out of Snoqualmie pass but immediate we were rewarded with breathtaking views.  AMAZING <3

Craiggo drove Kyle and I back to the trailhead at Snoqualmie.  He has a huge lifted F250 truck.  Here is me standing next to Craiggo's monster truck.  Lol!

Breathtaking view out of Snoqualmie Pass.  We were walking the spine of the ridge for a while and it was absolutely incredible.
late afternoon in central washington

random rock field

lots of trees, with pointy mountains in the background

we were *really* high up, looking at deep valleys down below

it was quite cold as Kyle waited for me to catch up, so he put his ninja gear on and is modeling his outfit with a ninja kick. lol!

feeling like I'm on top of the world

portrait orientation of the above photo

kind of a smoky day today

hazy afternoon

a lovely stream going downhill

one of the cool things about the PCT is often you follow streams from its headwaters all the way down to where it becomes a raging river.  this was a lovely waterfall along the way.

these plants are so interesting looking.  its like the Pacific Northwest version of Poodle Dog Bush, because it'd only grow in burn areas.  and it had this fuzzy cotton-like fibers that would grow inside the squiggly twigs.  it was quite pretty.

here you can see that cotton-like stuff i was talking about

snow up top.  yikes!  looks cold up there.

it was after dark and we were still hiking.  kyle left me this on the trail as encouragement, 2/3 of the way up a steep climb we had to do.  that was so sweet. :) thanks kyle! <3

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  1. Quite a coincidence, I noticed those interesting twisty cottony plants on the trail in far northern Calif last weekend and also captured them on film. I do not believe the area I was in had previously been burned, but perhaps :) There were only two very small sections of the trail where these were present, maybe a dozen plants in total. I wonder what they look like when they are blooming?