Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 95: dancing feet, wheeee! :)

Sunday 7/22/12
Miles 1120.5-1140 (19.5 miles)
Elevation 7,500'

Dang, today's 20 miles was so much more epic than yesterday's 20 miles. The terrain was a lot softer and comfy. We made pretty good time. And the feet felt a lot better.

At Barker Pass, there was an epic anonymous trail angel. We were running very low on fuel, and this person had a bucket sitting on his car by the trailhead filled with heet, denatured alcohol, duct tape, ziploc bags, a large trash bag for trash, and other random things hikers need. Thank you so much, mysterious trail angel that drives a light blue Prius with Nevada plates!! Wish you were there so we could thank you in person! We left a thank-you note though.

So, this evening, in the tent, Kyle saw flashes of light outside. And like idiots, we didn't really think anything of it. (Kyle commented, "am I on drugs or something? I keep seeing flashes of light...) around 1am, a thunder and lightning storm just let loose right above us. Holy fricking crap!! It was loud. Lol. It was intermittently just pouring rain too. Damn I am so glad the rain was not continuous. In Hawaii, when there is a thunder and lightning storm, there is also a shitload of rain; as in, parts of the island get flooded. So glad it's not like that out here. Damn. Yeah, my solo tent doesn't work so well in the rain with 2 people in it. Because the way it's shaped, when there's 2 people under it, the groundsheet and sleeping pad corners are sticking out the sides. Since I'm only using the tarp portion of the tent, the water was dripping onto the sleeping pads and both our bags got kinda damp before we were able to rearrange stuff to keep it under the vestibules. Damn. :/ This was the 3rd time I got rain on the trail, Kyle's 1st. My bag got way more wet the first time I got rained on (because I was cowboy camping, which is no-tent) so I wasnt really worried. But yeah, we're switching to a real 2-person tent at our next resupply stop, since im sure NorCal/OR/WA will have more precipitation...

Anyhow. I was stoked we were in a valley and not on top of a ridge. That would be a crappy place to be camping during a lightning storm. I was also super grateful the rain was intermittent and not continuous. Whew! :)

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