Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 96: thunder! lightning! rain! hail! Whee!!

Monday 7/24/12
Miles 1140-1156 (16 miles)
Elevation 7,101'

Today was probably the most odd overall day of hiking. Lol. So, the whole day it was a mixture of thunder, lightning, rain, hail, and intense sunshine. Lol. Reminds me of Hawaii. :) Except we don't get hail. Except for that one time earlier this year.

Anyhow, weather was nutty. I was SO STOKED I had my umbrella. Of all the miscellaneous pieces of gear I have, my chrome dome is my fave. It saved me through the desert, and now it's saving me from precipitation. Kyle just had his rain jacket and when he was getting pelted with hail, he said it hurt. Ouch. :( Umbrella-1, Precipitation-0, HA! :D

We pretty much walked through the back side of the entire squaw valley ski area. Holy crap it is a HUGE resort! It reminded me of Wrightwood, because over there the trail also went through the top of the Mt.High ski resort. It was kinda neat.

Anyhow, at Donner pass we hitched into the town of Truckee to get more fuel. Kyle also got a pack cover. Ive had mine since day one, and today is the first time ive used it. So stoked on the lack of rain! Hiking in precipitation sucks. Lol. Ugh, washington is gonna totally suck balls...

There is an all you can eat sushi place in Truckee, too. :) for your reference, Truckee is about a 30 minute drive due west of Reno. it's not as epic as Sushi Pier tho. Oh my god if any of you are in South lake Tahoe, you *need* go to there. Seriously. Theres one in Reno too.

Anyhow. A *super awesome* trail angel picked us up in Truckee and let us crash at his epic 3 story house with his dog and cat! THANK YOU TOM!! Trail name Freeloader. Lol. Tom is so cool. Definitely one of my favorite top 3 trail Angels, next to Shepherd (SoCal), and Tom and Tori who picked us up outside of Bridgeport. Iwe dried our sleeping bags and gear at Toms house. By the way, don't dry your sleeping bags in a household dryer! Holy crap it put a couple holes in Kyle's bag and melted some of the fabric. WTF?!? We've dried the bags so many times at laundomats with no problems. It was set on low heat! Both our bags were in there. Mine didn't get holes in it, Kyle's did. F**k that really really frickin sucks. Uuuuuugh... >:(

Anyhow, Tom is so unbelievably COOL. I dunno how to describe him. I could have easily sat there all day and had conversations with him. He is such a character!! Lol. Thanks so much Tom!

The section of trail from Sonora Pass to Donner Pass is probably my favorite chunk of the PCT overall, thus far. The only reason Yosemite isn't #1 is because of the mosquitos. Scenery-wise it is my favorite tho. But yeah, good lord this past section of trail is incredible!!!! <3

Anyhow, Sierra City here we come! :)

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