Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Holy fuddy duddy batman! :D

Ok, so there has been a couple of negative reactions to one of my recent posts; as society generally goes, when one person voices something, there are usually a whole cluster of people that feel the same way, who chose not to say anything. So here's my reply to those who feel offended.

1)I don't take life very seriously. I don't take *anything* very seriously. Including myself. Therefore neither should anyone else. Taking life seriously may lead to premature grey hairs, wrinkles, ulcers, and constipation. :D

2)Squizzle says: Snot rockets are more environmentally friendly than using facial tissue. Not only are you "saving trees", you're also saving all the resources and energy it takes to produce and package the facial tissue. Plus, boogers decompose better than processed paper (ie facial tissue). Therefore, as part of the green movement, everyone should blow snot rockets. Don't forget to use hand sanitizer! You dont want to get giardia. Giardia sucks. Just ask all the hikers who are/were off trail (temporarily or permanently) because of it...

~Dancing Feet
Hiker/engineer/sociologist/dancer/artist/ostentatious-ninja extraordinaire

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  1. I often have snot rockets oozing out my nose when I swim, and I'm pretty sure no one cares/complains. Then again, I try to discreetly wipe them away as I'm swimming. I guess they're more like snot slugs than snot rockets, actually.