Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 97: epic morning, epic trail, epic hut

Tuesday 7/24/12
Miles 1156-1163 (7 miles)
Elevation 7,851'

Oh my gosh, Tom made us an AMAZING breakfast. He made us scrambled eggs and sausage. Then he made us homemade sourdough blueberry pancakes. Oh man it was yumballs! He drove us to the trail afterwards. THANKS TOM!!! <3 he is definitely one of the most fascinating trail angels I've met. Wish I coulda just hung around all day with him. Ah well. Time to put in miles. Or so we thought. Lol!

Near the trailhead, there is Donner Ski Ranch. They have a bar/cafe there at the ski lodge that they opened up in the summer, and they give PCT hikers beer. I heard about this and Tom confirmed it, so naturally we went there. We ended up staying for almost 4 hours. Oops. Lol. The bartender was really cool. She also runs the kitchen and the whole place, singlehandedly. They had one of those margarita machines, and I had li hing mui powder, so I introduced Kyle to the epicness of a li hing mui margarita. Whoop whoop! :) the bartender lived in Hawaii for a while so she knew exactly what I was doing. Lol.

We didn't get on trail til after 4. Lol. Oops. :) hence we only did 7 miles. gosh it was a pretty hike. We went to this random cabin called the Peter Grubb hut. It's such a badass cabin!! Owned and built by the Sierra club. I took pics of it. There's actually electricity in there (just lights), powered by a solar panel. There are 2 wood burning stoves too. It's a huge cabin! There are 2 rooms in there and a loft upstairs. That's where the ladder goes. There's also an outhouse.

We were there with Sam (G) and I forgot the other guy's name. They are super cool. It was a fun evening. This cabin would have been an epic place the night of the thunderstorm. Lol :)


  1. Hey, we just got your postcard yesterday! Thank you SO much!!! Indeed, we had a lot of fun in Bodie. Very cool place worth a visit for you someday.

    You are right, that WAS Threshold's card we picked up in Idyllwild. Sorry to mistake you for her. But the card you had was almost identical! How did that happen?

    Keep on having a great time out there. Loved looking at your gear list, gave me some ideas.

    Rich, Allie, & Atticus

  2. Hi Dancing Feet!

    Was so stoked to get your postcard in the mail. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule. It has become an instant motivator for me to start my plan to do the PCT in 2 years. One question: you are coming up on 100 days on the trail, are you at where you thought or planned to be as far as distance? Look forward to your blog updates. I would imagine it must be hard at times, but you and Kyle look like you are making the best of it and enjoying yourselves.
    Veronica Ancheta-Kingsbury