Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 103: easy miles, and an epic river!

Monday 7/30/12
Miles 1235-1255 (20 miles)
Elevation 3228'

Gosh today was some epic easy hiking. It's interesting, prior to doing the trail, many past thru-hikers say the sierras were their favorite part. Personally, I'm having way more fun now than I did in the sierras. The sierras were super epic, don't get me wrong. And I was super stoked about the lack of snow. But I think the trail and the overall experience has been so much prettier since leaving the sierras. I don't think I'm a fan of elevation. Lol. I operate fine in it, but I don't like it as much as I do now, climate-wise. The air is completely different. It's been a lot more humid the last few days, which I love. And there are still a ton of trees, which I love too.

Sorry I didn't take many pics today. Sometimes I just space out and forget. We crossed an epic river today, Middle Fork of the Feather River. That's the pic I have. The guy in the photo is G. He's pretty cool, we first met him at the Peter Grubb hut the day we left Truckee. Me and Kyle were at that very spot for a few hours. Whee! Hiker Trash bath! Lol. I kinda did some laundry too.

On a completely random and unrelated note, Kyle reminds me of a puppy sometimes. Lol. My friend's dad trained a search and rescue dog for the fire department. He said the way they taught the dog to climb a ladder was by putting peanut butter on the rungs of the ladder. Kyle *loves* peanut butter. I've been wanting to take Kyle rock climbing. I was imagining how to teach him to climb. Id set up the anchor and rappel down and put peanut butter on all the hand holds. Then I'll have Kyle on top rope and just make him go from peanut butter blob to blob, all the way up the wall. Haha :D. There used to be a golden retriever I would always hang around. I called her Gold Puppy (he name was Bell). She was my epic littlw adventure buddy. One day she got into the trash and I found her on the kitchen floor licking clean an empty jar of peanut butter. When I watch Kyle eat peanut butter it always reminds me of Gold Puppy licking that jar. Haha. :D. Actually, Kyle is a lot like Gold Puppy. They're both blonde. And they like to sleep. A lot. They're really good at hiking. Yet they can both lie around for hours and do nothing an be totally happy. And they like peanut butter. A lot. Lol :D

We camped by another river shortly after the Feather River. Saw Jeff there, he saved us a spot. Thanks Jeff! Sleeping next to a bubbling creek when there are no mosquitos around is one of the most epic things in the world :)

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