Tuesday, July 24, 2012

To Kyle's friends and family

Some people have asked where and how to send Kyle care packages. Here are some addresses and *specific* instructions. We're not being anal, it's just that if packages are not labeled and sent a certain and specific way, there is only about a 60% chance it will arrive; part of that depending on whether the postmaster on both ends is in a good mood or not. So here we go.

If you can send out the package by this Friday (7/27/12), send it to here, addressed exactly like so. Please send it as *priority mail* to:
PCT Hiker Kyle Dahl
General Delivery
Belden, CA 95915

If you cant get package out by friday, send it here. Next address after Belden:
PCT Hiker Kyle Dahl
General Delivery
Old Station, CA 96071

On the box, please write Kyle's last name in large ostentatious print on all sides of the box. If you're mailing Kyle a box, please let him know, because he needs to know a box is there in order to pick it up.

Also, Kyle's been wanting to get a travel-sized classical backpackers guitar. Martin Guitar Company makes a lightweight classical backpackers guitar. So if one of his friends wants to start a get-kyle-a-guitar fund, awesome. :D Kyle doesnt read my blog. So shhhh don't tell him I'm shamelessly pimping him out. LOL! :). He's a really good guitar player, incase you didn't know. It's pretty epic to hear music on the trail. There's 2 other PCTers I know of that are rocking travel guitars, Jason Phelps (AKA Hee Haw) and Kristo; Kristo has a blog, dunno about Hee haw. Yay for PCT musicians! :)

Oh. Not sure if you can mail aerosols, but at some point in the near future I'm going to shave a mohawk in his hair. I need orange or pink or some other loudass hairspray paint, so I can color his Mohawk. :D

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