Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 98: just cruising... :)

Wednesday 7/25/12
Miles 1163-1183 (20 miles)
Elevation 7,000'

That hut had a cool book in it called Outhouses of Alaska. It's funny. :) I also took some pics of mine and Kyle's trail register entry. G drew that really cool dragon. I think it took him about an hour last night to do that.

The landscape and terrain is so different. If you look back at the scenery pics from a couple weeks ago, til now, it's like night and day! Before I would look in the distance and the mountains are so pointy and tall and jagged, now I look around and it's soft and rolly. The terrain is consequentially a lot more mellow too. Hence doing 20 mile days isn't too bad even in the 5 finger shoes.

Gosh I love those shoes. I don't understand how or why people want to hike in boots. They are like bricks on the feet! To each their own :)

So I got sick the day after leaving Tahoe. Not sure how or why, but I'm feeling good today finally :). Man the first few days sucked, my throat hurt so breathing also hurt. Which sucked because breathing is kind of important. I also have tons of boogers. Kyle said I should save it and when a day hiker comes by I could blow a huge snot rocket. Which is a great idea!! Except everytime I had enough boogers to shoot an epic snot rocket, there were no day hikers around. Tragic. :(. Haha!

Oh! Squizzle now has a wizard name too! He is Squizzard. I need to find a small piece of tyvek to make him a little wizard hat.

Dang there are so many day hikers. Arrrrg it's kind of annoying. Lol. After doing the PCT for a while, I think we all find day hikers and weekend hikers annoying. Lol. I thought it was just me and Kyle being self entitled pct assholes, but apparently all the other hikers have the same sentiments. Lol. It's not individuals that we don't like, it's just the idea of them, I think. If that makes any sense. I dunno, the other pct hikers are generally so cool, the only time we're run into pricks and goobers were either the day hikers, JMters, or dockers (that's what we call weekend hikers). Lol. So, since mt.whitney we've been trying to figure out ways to scare day hikers. I think that's how the wizard suit idea came about. Lol.

The hikers in the pic are Swanson, G (the two dudes we were in the hut with) and Trooper who is the tall dude. They're funny, I could hear them coming down the trail from a 1/2 mile away. PCT hikers are so fascinating :)


  1. Don't forget, some of those annoying day and weekend hikers are also your trail angels along the way. You wouldn't blow snot rockets on your trail angels, would you?

  2. As a frequent day and section hiker here in Oregon, I look forward with dread to the arrival of you and your ilk on our trails. Snot rockets at day hikers? Grow up! Fortunately, the three young through hikers I encountered last weekend prove to me that you are not representative of the group as a whole. I can only hope that your time on the trail will lead you to a higher level of maturity.