Wednesday, August 01, 2012

To Bibi and Zach

Hope you guys see this! Thanks so much for EVERYTHING!!! You guys are amazing!! <3. Not sure how but I think I left with your cell phone charger. It's a black cord that is USB on one side and looks like it plugs into a cell phone on the other side.

The US Forest Servce lady that we saw last night by the "DP-2" sign, at the PCT trailhead, I saw her again today, I gave her the cord, I think she says she works at the same firehouse that you do. The one by your house on hwy 70 but towards Quincy. Either way, she has it and I think she is going to drop it off at the firehouse . I put it in a ziplock back with your names on it and "Twain Manor", so i really hope it finds its way back to you.

I would have dropped it off at that store next to your house when we got a ride out but I heard a rumor they were evacuating that whole rv park, so I didn't want the cord to get lost in all that madness.

Anyhow, I hope you both are well, that your house is well, and that Gizmo and the cats are all good! I'm currently in Greenville right now, hitching toward Chester, the sky is so thick with smoke, it's gnarly. :(

Zach, please be safe out there, and thanks to you and your crew and the tons of firefighters and us forest service people we saw out there battling the fire, and situating the area, you are all amazing!!

Let me know if you guys got the cord back. Aloha!!

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