Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 116: epic trail angel! <3

Sunday 8/12/12
Miles 1494-1506 (12 miles)
Elevation 2,155'

The last 12 miles getting into Castella was pretty quick. Whoo hoo! Cuz it was hot!! Lol. About 6 miles outside of castella you could hear the noise from the Interstate 5 freeway. Anyhow, we got picked up by an awesome trail angel Jan yaaaay!! Jan has been following my blog since the beginning so it was awesome to meet her. Thanks Jan!!! :D

She took us to her house in Redding which is about 45 minutes south of castella. Oh man it was soooo wonderful to be in air conditioning and have a place to organize all my crap and do laundry and shower and all the standard time-consuming town stuff. Lol!

We went to Olive Garden!! Aaaaaahhhhh unlimited breadsticks and salad aaaaahhh!!! Lol. That was cool. Haven't been to Olive Garden in a while and I've been having a weird craving for it. Ooooo I ate so much it was amazing :)

Jan is sooooo awesome! She has a little travel buddy too. It's a stuffed doll in a ranger outfit named Ranger Jan. lol it's cool! She'd be a great buddy for Squizzle! :)

Redding is the largest town I've been in this entire hike. It was...interesting. Lol. I dunno, all I gotta say is I am so glad I don't live on the mainland anymore. :). Jan's house was my oasis of awesomeness in the midst of a hugeass city.

But ooo there are trees everywhere in the surrounding areas!!! Yaaaaaay trees!!! I love trees :)


  1. Your welcome!!! I'm loving our table decor - giant mugs of coffee, computers, lotion and epsom salt . . . a dream for all through hikers :)

  2. Why didn't we think to get a picture of Ranger Jan & Squizzle? of Ranger Jan with Dancing Feet and It's Not So Bad????? Maybe I need to take a road trip to Crater Lake for Take 2? or to Ashland? LOL