Thursday, August 09, 2012

Day 111: 1400 miles, and epic trail magic x2!

Tuesday 8/07/12
Miles 1398-1419 (21 miles)
Elevation 3,000'

Sometime in the morning I hit 1400 miles!! Whoooo hoo!! :D. I hiked a good part of today with this guy named Scooter. He is so cool. He started the hike on June 7th! Holy frickin crap!! O.o that means he had to regularly do 25-30 mile days all the way up til now. Geez.

A lot of today's hiking reminded me of the Serengeti desert. Not that I've ever been there. But it was very Lion King-esque. Lol. It was like I expected a herd of buffalo or gazelle to run across the field or something. :)

Sometime this morning we found a cache by one of the roads. Thank you anonymous trail angel!!! It was amazing, there was a cooler full of ice, water and soda. Oooo my god that was amazing, it was frickin hot today!! A whole bunch of us were at that cache, Baboon, Spins, extra credit, Scooter, Kyle and I, flag man, and Papa Smurf. Papa Smurf is hilarious. He's a really tall lanky older dude with a bawdy sense of humor, rocks little bike shorts, and totally hauls ass. He started the trail on May 23. Geez how do these people walk so fast?!?! Lol. Flag Man is a badass too. He was in the army 27 years and retired as a really high ranking guy. I think he was in the medical field/army ranger. Anyhow, Flagman regularly wakes up at around 4am and does 20 miles by 2pm. That's awesome but screw that!! Geez, in the default world I'm not even asleep by 4am a lot of times. Lol!!

So that was the first cache. Sometime this evening we found *another* cache by a dirt road crossing. It was amazing!! Cold sodas and water and candy and an epically built picnic table! A little bit after we got there, a guy pulls up on Rhino (those offroad golf cart things, not the animal) with his dog. His name is Randy and he was the guy that maintains that cache. Thanks Randy!!! It was so cool to meet the Trail Angel who maintains the cache. Dang I wish I took a pic, the picnic table he built was really cool. Randy is a local in the area and started that cache because he is fascinated by the PCT culture and lifestyle. Meh, its not that cool; we're just a bunch of dirtbags walking north for several months. Lol :P Thank you for the epic treats Randy!! And good luck bow hunting in Castle Crags this weekend!

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  1. Congrats on the 1400 mile mark! =)