Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 118: big bear poop = big bears?

Tuesday 8/14/12
Miles 1506.5-1522
Elevation 5,854'

A while ago someone asked me on my blog whether I was on schedule or behind my original schedule. I am sooooo behind my original schedule!! Lol!! Probably by a few weeks. But eh, I stopped caring a long time ago. Probably about mile 200. :) My original schedule I made was just a crude skeleton time frame, just so I have something to go off of for my resupplies. But I've never been one to follow schedules when I travel, so I just keep walking day to day, until I don't want to walk anymore, and I just end up wherever I end up, and then I go the sleep. Wake up the next day and do it all over again. Lather rinse repeat, I'll eventually end up in Canada. :). However I am kind of trying to haul ass, because if I don't make it though Washington by a certain time, the weather will get crappy. By the way, I am totally not looking forward to Washington. It just seems like a state that rains and is overcast and has crappy weather 90% of the time. Maybe the locals can chime in on that. Ugh. Well on the bright side, if WA does have crappy weather, it'll just make me walk faster so I can get to Canada faster, so I can go home, where everything is perfect 90% of the time. :D Maybe I'll kidnap Kyle too. Lol! He pretty much feels the same way as I do about SoCal, I'm just way more blunt about it. So it wouldn't take much convincing. :)

Anyhow. Dang today I saw more bear poop than I have collectively on the entire trail. Some of the globs of poop were BIG! And full of berries. What I wanna know is, we're are the bears finding berries?? I want some!! :D I saw a bear running across the trail. They're kind of goofy looking in real life. Kyle almost ran into a bear on the trail. And he didn't even take pics! BAH! :( I wonder if you can domesticate a bear and ride it like a horse. That would be so cool, because bears can climb trees and you can ride a bear up a tree! I wonder if they're as soft and fuzzy as they look.

Today we walked through Castle Crags state park. The Castle Crags are reeeeally cool!!! Lots of epic climbing. The guy at the outfitter in Redding said there are lots if First Ascents to be had. So if any of you people climb and are bored, go to castle crags! It's so awesome. Very Yosemite-esque. Well, the white rocks anyways. I took lots if pics. Aaaaaah I wanna climb!! My arms are so weak sauce. I don't even think I could top rope a 5.9 at this point. :(. Unless there's a lot of stemming involved. Lol!

So we're back up in elevation. Yay! Hopefully it'll be cooler. There were some steeper and rocky sections today. It reminded me briefly of being back in the high sierras again. Except it's a lot hotter. Lol.

By the way, if any of you are future/aspiring PCT thru-hikers, don't get a 4-season tent. Or at least not til Washington. I have no idea why the hell I thought it would be a good idea. It's just not working very well. Plus I've pretty much been melting in it almost every day since I've been using it, because it's hot as hell and doesn't ventilate well. Especially the last week where it's been around 100 degrees. I have a 2 person tent at home. I wonder if I can return it. I want to buy another tent. Or, does anyone want to buy my tent? 2 person 3 season freestanding dome tent by Sierra Designs. Used once. Detachable rain fly, comes with a footprint. It weighs around 4.5 lbs, split between 2 people that's about 2.25lbs each. It's a cool tent :)

Stoked we found a flat area to camp on! That's the shady part about exposed ridges. It's fun to walk on but there's no flat spaces to camp on. Lol. We lucked out. Whew! Cuz theres a campsite 3 miles up but I'm not in the mood to night hike right now. At least there's no bear poop in the area! Haha :D

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