Sunday, August 05, 2012

Day 109: getting there...eventually. Lol!

Sunday 8/5/12
Miles 1378-1382 (4 miles)
Elevation 4,354'

The whole first half of the day consisted of me doing everything I didn't get done yesterday (organizing my resupply, trimming my maps, etc) and laying around. Lots of laying around. Lol! By the way, for the aspiring thru-hikers out there, your feet will be sore the entire duration of the hike. No matter whether you do 3 miles or 30, your feet will still be sore. Lol. It's always baffled me, how I will have done nothing the day before, yet when I wake up it's hard to take those first few steps. Lol.

Anyhow, gosh Firefly's house is so amazing. I ended up leaving in a rush and forgot to take a pic of the treehouse. DOH! But if u flip back a week or two in the blog, I have a pic of the Peter Grubb hut, just imagine a smaller version of that, up in a tree, with stained glass windows. That's what Firefly's treehouse looked like. :)

When we got back to the trailhead, DIP was doing trail magic there with his family!! COOL!! They recognized me immediately from the PCT community and his wife immediately handed me some chilled wine. Lol!! I guess it's no secret that I really love wine. :D. I took a pic of the bunch. DIP is the older guy with the long hair, his wife is in the pink shirt, I forgot the hikers name with the hat, and the gal behind him is Extra Credit. There were also a ton of hikers behind me. Anyhow, thanks for the awesome trail magic, DIP and family!! He left us an epic hiker box full of goodies.

We walked 4 miles up the trail to a place called the Subway Cave. It's a lava tube, like the ones in Hawaii, and you can walk through it. The water spigots here is also the last water we have for 30 miles. UGH. I took a pic of us at the picnic table. Yaaaaay picnic tables! Epic luxury item. :). On the far left is Trip (green shirt), Extra Credit with the visor, Magellan in the kilt, Kyle is on the other picnic table, Hollywood has his back turned to me, and I don't remember the name of the guy sitting on the picnic table. That whole crew camped in the cave. I didn't, it's frickin cold in the cave!! It was nice and warm out here. :)

Ugh, not looking forward to this longass dry stretch. Oh well. If I run out of water it will be motivation to walk faster. :D

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