Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 112: Burney Falls, more heat, and back in the trees

Wednesday 8/08/12
Miles 1419-1433 (14 miles)
Elevation 4175'

Wow there was a whole bunch of us at Burney Falls State Park! It was basically the entire crew we've been traveling around the last couple days. I took some pics, the older guy is Flagman. The guy in the red shorts is Scooter, and the guy with the shaggy beard is Baboon.

Burney Falls is pretty cool, it's mainly spring fed, and the water is super cold. I didn't jump in, some of the other people did. Cactus was shocked that I haven't really gone swimming in any of the rivers or lakes this entire trail. I'm from Hawaii, why the heck would I wanna swim in cold water?? Lol!! Although there was an awesome creek after leaving the falls, and i did sit almost waist deep in it. :)

There was this huge dam after leaving the state park, and right on the other side of the dam were tons of blackberry bushes! Oooo that was soooo epic! Lol! Me and Scooter were trying to walk and pick blackberries at the same time. But the blackberries were seriously inhibiting forward progress. Haha

Man, it was suuuuper hot leaving burney falls. Thank goodness we were entering a bit of shade. I found Kyle around 6:30 on the side of the trail, he was 1/4 of his bottle deep in whiskey. Lol! Guess we are camping there for the night :)

You know, its gonna really suck for all the 2013 pct thru hikers, leaving Belden. That's where that huge fire is, and coming out of Belden it's a 4,000' climb. Now itll be super exposed too, since that whole area burned down. :(. Same thing with the Lassen fire, I think that burned a part of the trail too.

Oh, kinda random, if I didn't mention it before, Kyle loves Li hing mui. So to his mom and whoever wants to mail him stuff, send him some Li hing mui. It's these little dried prune balls that are salty and sweet and sour and covered with red powder. If you don't know what it is, ask any Chinese person. Lol. They'll tell you where to find it. :)

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