Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 114: more heat...and mt.shasta is getting closer!! :)

Friday 8/10/12
Miles 1453-1471 (18 miles)
Elevation 3,280'

I've been taking lots of pics of Shasta the last few days (it's the mountain peak with snow on it); pretty much since we were on Hat Creek Rim. This morning we had a super epic view of Shasta. It was amazing!! :) And it wasn't covered in smoke like it has been previously. If you flip through the pics the last few days, you can see that mt.shasta is getting bigger/closer! That's pretty exciting :) the trail is heading northwest towards Shasta and we will be going south and to the left of it. The only bummer part about the trail going this way is that everyday around 5:00pm the glare from the sun is gnarly. Lol. I still see a huge plume of smoke coming from the Lassen area. Dang, that means the fire is still going :(

The views from this morning were amazing!! As far as the eye could see it was rolling hills of trees. It reminded me of the ocean. But with trees, instead of water. Lol.

Today we had to go by lots of exposed areas. Probably old logging areas, is my guess. Dang that was toasty!! :( So glad I had my umbrella! In this one section I took a shortcut, and saw lots of bear footprints and tons of bear poop. It's the first time I've ever seen bear prints this whole trail. Dang they have big paws! Lol. Its funny, at one part of the trail, someone wrote "bear" in sticks and an arrow pointing right. My thought was, so someone saw a bear, then stood there and took the time to spell out b-e-a-r with sticks? Not only that but I stood there for a good 2 minutes trying to figure out what those letters spelled (it wasn't very clear). It's a good thing there wasn't an aggressive bear hiding in those bushes or we would all be screwed! Lol

So, apparently not only can I read Kyle's mind but I answer his thoughts before he even finishes thinking them. Haha! In the afternoon we were sitting on the side of a hill hiding in the shade from the heat. I asked him a question and he turned his head towards his backpack, and I immediately said "don't get it, it's too far away." Then he told me, wow you replied before the thought even completely manifested in my head! (he was about to get his bandana out of his backpack). Haha, you're too slow Kyle! It's funny, we also both have a scar in the exact same place on our face. Maybe we were twins in a previous life. Except Kyle has an actual twin in this life.

Oh!! My most epic revelation of the day: I put insoles in my 5 fingers!! Holy crap why the hell didn't I think of that 1,100 miles ago?!?! Lol!! Damn, now i can walk sooooo much faster! The thing about those 5 finger shoes is that when you're backpacking in them, if you step on a rock the wrong way or stub your toe it hurts like hell. So I always had to walk kinda slow. Now with the insoles I have a little extra padding so I can go waaaay faster. Yay!!! :D I still can't believe it took me this long to think of putting insoles in my shoes! DUH!! Lol :)

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  1. The rock outcrop 3 pics down looks like Pride Rock. Awesome.