Sunday, August 26, 2012

Days 126-129: Seiad Valley, CA-->Ashland, OR!!!!

Wednesday 8/22/12
Saturday 8/25/12

Currently at mile 1,726

OREGON!!!  Holy crap California is a longass state!! LOL!  Ok since I dont have a text portion of the blog for these four days, I'm just going to narrate through the photos. 

water = life

Kyle, rocking the Asian Squat, next to a small creek

Walking Stick!  Called so because when he did the Appalacian Trail he got down to 113 lbs.  YIKES

hanging out in front of the Seiad Valley store and Post Office

a sea of trees <3

smoke from a nearby forest fire

i am hugging that pouch because its warm

instant face warmer

oh my gosh, canadian border is finally only in the triple digit miles away! :)

we reached the Oregon border!!  Whoo hooo!!! :D

another milestone.  literally. :)

i don't have a wide enough lens to capture it but the trees are so TALL!  but the trees in this area are really skinny and tall, as opposed to the trees earlier which were fat and tall

that reads: "Welcome to Oregon".  Thanks! Lol.  Dang someone took a lot of time to spell that!

"Welcome to Oregon!" :)

as in, the Rogue Brewery? :)

cute fuzzy gold puppy!!
in Ashland, Oregon!  we absolutely hauled ass to get here before the post office closed.  i did 15 miles by 2pm.  WHEW!  This is the Caldera Tap House, in downtown Ashland.  I had a sampler of: Lawnmower Lager, Ginger Beer, Hibiscus Ginger Beer, Vanilla Wheat, and La Perouse WIT.  My favorite was the Vanilla Wheat but they were all DELICIOUS!!  If any of you are local, they sell their beer by the ounce at $0.20/oz, bring your own sealable jar :)

a homemade stuff sack i made out of tyvek :)

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