Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pics Days 118-120: leaving Castella, and going through Castle Crags State Park

Kyle playing a backpackers guitar

Castle Crags, hidden by trees

Castle Crags, not hidden by trees

Castle Crags; lots of first ascents to be had still!  the trail goes all the way up and around the left of those crags

yeah...where'd all the water go?

northern california has lots of bridges

Mt.Shasta in the distance, covered in smoke from fires

someone took a lot of time making that

cool mountain lake; the trail passes MANY of these :)


nice view... :)

pack team!  haven't seen one since Yosemite

this pic was a lot cooler in person.  but then again that can be said about all of my photots. lol.  views were incredible :)

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