Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 117: Kyle gets new gear, more epic trail angelness!!

Monday 8/13/12

Wow Redding gets hot! I think it was around 108 degrees today, with no wind. Yikes!!

Jan made us EPIC omlettes in the morning. Ooooo they were sooooo yummy!! Omlettes with spinach, mushrooms, green bell peppers, tomatoes and cheese. Epic yum balls!!

Kyle also got a new pack and shoes, yay! They've been bothering him for a while. His new pack is super cool, it's an Osprey pack. Dang, now I see why all the PCTers (who aren't using a ul pack) have Osprey packs. The engineering and design of those packs are freaking awesome!! Plus it was nice to actually try on a pack to see what fit. I was pretty tempted to try on packs too. But I didn't because I really don't need a pack. Lol. I'm sure I could find one that fits better and is way more comfy, but I like my ULA Circuit. Plus I don't need to drop $200 on a new pack. The Circuit is already my 2nd pack, I was originally going to use a golite jam (stoked I didn't), but that one was too big for me and didn't have enough storage capacity.

Oh my gosh!!! I got to go to in-n-out!! Aaaaaahhhh!!!! Soooo stoked!! The last time I've been to one was 2 years ago when I went to a rock climbing festival at Red Rocks, which is outside of Vegas. So yeah, it's been a while. :). By the way, red rock Nevada is frickin amazing. If you haven't been there, you should go! Even if you don't climb, it's frickin beautiful. The last day I was there it started snowing a little, enough to make all the crags wet so we couldn't climb. So we went to Vegas instead. Lol

Anyhow, when we got back to the trailhead we found Scallywag, Mr.C and Snow White, and Kristo! Whoo
Hoo! It's like a cool people reunion :). A random guy drove by and dropped 2 6-packs of beer for us. WOW!!! Super random!! Thanks trail angel dude!! :).

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  1. Love that you got a pix of the bear t-shirt! And, so glad SportsLtd was able to hook up Kyle with a new pack and shoes - although it sounds like those took some time breaking in . . . probably not so good! It was fun to reconnect with Scallywag - love coincidences.