Sunday, August 05, 2012

Day 106: old faces, new places

Thursday 8/2/12
Miles 1335-1354 (19 miles)
Elevation 5,712'

We didn't get moving til around 11am today. Lol. Somehow we still managed to do almost 20 miles. :) Today was an awesome day! I saw Dazzle! Yay!! Dazzle is one of my favorite people on trail. I know I say that about a lot of people. Lol. But he really is. I first met him on my 3rd day on trail, didn't see him again til Yosemite, and we've been leapfrogging since.

I took a couple pics of Kyle this morning. That was him, refusing to acknowledge the fact that we needed to get going. Lol. Not that I was doing much better. I was sitting on my ass eating his bag of gummy bears and M&Ms. Lol. It was a very casual morning. Haha Kyle is so funny. He likes to eat but he's too lazy to cook and prepare stuff. But he needs to eat cuz he's losing a lot of weight. And both of us have a lot of extra food since we had to skip those miles from Belden to Chester because of the fire. So I'd just make something that smells good and leave it in front of his face and at some point he'll break down and eat it. Lol :D this works out in my favor because it lightens my load. So everyone wins. Yay!

Parts of the trail were exposed today, and it was pretty hot. I'm so stoked I have my chrome dome umbrella! That is my most favorite piece of miscellaneous gear I have. It's totally worth it's weight in gold (it weighs 8oz). Today was a lovely day of hiking. We went through Lassen National Park. A good portion of the trail had red dirt, like Hawaii. <3 Yay iron oxidation!

I wonder how that fire is doing. Bleh. Ugh I hope that whole valley is ok. Ive been thinking about that all day today. Firefighters rock. I think that firefighters and school teachers/educators are the two most noble professions. One saves lives and the other enriches lives. Maybe that's why I am so drawn to all the school teachers on trail. They're just so cool. Lol. And all the firefighters I've met along the way are super awesome too. I wonder how those two JMT gals are doing. The schoolteachers from Corona Ca. I imagine they're done by now. I often wonder how all the random travelers I've met on trail are doing. Like the two motorcycle harley dudes from portland we met at Big Pine. They were so cool. They're riding route 66 across country.

We got to Drakesbad Ranch around 8pm. It's a little rustic resort right off the trail that is super hiker friendly. There were a bunch of other hikers there, including Hee Haw and Kristo! Yay!! I really like those two guys. Haven't seen them in a while, especially Kristo. Both of them are carrying guitars with them, and they're both really good. A group of us camped along the trail just outside of Drakesbad Ranch, Hee Haw and Kristo were jamming on their guitars in the evening. It was soooooo epic! :)

Dang, I finally ripped a hole in my skirt. But, as a testament to my craftsmanship, the fabric itself ripped, not at one of the seams. I'm so stoked, I haphazardly sewed that skirt in about 15 minutes, and it has lasted over 1,300 miles. Whoo hoo! So has my shirt. It has a lot of holes in it now. And I tried to sew the holes but the fabric is so deteriorated around it that it made bigger holes. Lol. So I turned the shirt around and am wearing it backwards. Hopefully it'll last another 1300 miles like that :)

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