Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 124: leaving Etna

Monday 8/20/12
Miles 1606-1617 (11 miles)
Elevation 6,242'

There is a cool drug store in Etna that has an old soda fountain/ice cream parlor in it. The kind where there is soda water that comes out of the tap and you have to manually mix the syrup in. That's cool! They also have this thing called the Marble Mountain Ice cream sundae which is what Kyle is eating in the picture. It is 5 scoops of ice cream, topped with marshmallow cream, butterscotch, hot fudge, whipped cream and cherries. It's ridiculous!! Lol! And yes, Kyle ate that whole thing by himself without much difficulty. I have a video of that, which I'll post later :). That drug store is really cool, they have some funny post cards which I took a pic of.

We didn't get back to the trailhead til 4pm. When we were hitching out, I saw a lady with a car that had a goat sticker on it. I thought, whoo hoo we're getting a ride! Sure enough she pulled over. Thanks awesome lady who moved to Etna from Houston!!

The next water source was 11 miles up the trail. So that's what we aimed for. gosh it was really pretty hiking today! Sorry I didnt take any pics, I was concentrating on hauling ass to the water.

Next resupply stop is Seiad Valley. Hopefully we can make it there in 3 days. Too bad it's on fire. Uuuuuuggh. Part of the trail north of there is close due to fire. I hope the detour is still open by the time we get there.

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