Sunday, August 05, 2012

Trekking Poles: Black Diamond Ultra Distance z-Poles vs. Gossamer Gear

For all you future PCT hikers/thru-hikers out there, here's an ultra-light trekking pole comparison. The Black Diamond Ultra Distance Z poles and the Gossamer Gear poles are by far the 2 lightest poles on the market, and both are quite popular with thru-hikers. So which is better?

Answer: Black Diamond Ultra Distance Z Poles


Because EVERY SINGLE HIKER I know with the gossamer gear poles (many) has broken either one or both by now. I don't know of any hiker who has broken the black diamond ones. Well, mine fell apart before Sierra city, but it wasn't the poles that broke, just the string inside that held them together. But i just secured the joints together with duct tape and they were good as new. Plus, black diamond fed ex'd me a new pair to Sierra city. So yeah, the Black diamond poles are way more durable.

They all cost about the same too. BD poles retail for around $150 (I got mine cheaper because they were on sale), the GG poles are $110 fixed length or $160 adjustable length. BD are fixed length and they have them in different sizes. I personally prefer fixed length poles, because less moving parts = less things that can break.

If $150 is a little steep, black diamond makes the "distance" poles for around $100, they're the same as the ultra distance, just not made of carbon fiber, and not as light. But still lighter than an average trekking pole.

The only thing I didn't like about my poles is that the tips wear out fast. But you can replace them and they're good as new.

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