Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 115: holy heat wave batman!

Saturday 8/11/12
Miles 1471-1494 (23 miles)
Elevation 5,000'

Wow, I had no idea NorCal would be so hot! Lol. Oh glorious trees! Thank you for your shade!! <3. We were in tree coverage all day so at least we were out of direct sunlight. Whew! Actually, the heat isn't really bad, it's just that there's no wind.

Dang, there's an absolute crapload of poison oak everywhere! Pretty much since leaving Belden I've been kind of paranoid about poison oak. Not that i get a horrible reaction from it, but it just itches and really sucks for a few weeks. Last time I got poison oak was somewhere before mile 400. I was night hiking and concentrating on avoiding the poodle dog bush so I didn't really see the poison oak. Apparently I must have just mowed through some bushes. At least I'm not night hiking lately, so I can see it coming. It's funny, there were probably about 11 different types of plants I thought was poison oak since Belden. I was never sure. So I pretty much just avoided all green foliage all together. Lol!! But I finally figured out which plant is poison oak, and there was a LOT of it today. A least it wasn't growing over the trail. So I just had to made sure I didn't squat to pee right on top of some bushes. Haha!

Oh, the trail has been kind of overgrown today as well too. Arrrg!!! Annoying!! Lol! In the grand scheme of things, it's just that I'm so spoiled because the entire trail has been more or less incredibly well manicured. So whenever I come across some parts of thick overgrowth I get annoyed. Haha. Seriously though, the PCT is incredibly well marked and well maintained. Yay for the PCTA and all the trail crews!! :)

So this evening around 9pm, some hiker rolls up at our campsite, and it's Cowboy!! Holy crap, I thought he was days ahead! Lol! I swear, that guy has a way of showing up at the most random places! Anyhow, he was in the process of doing a 50 mile day. Holy crap! Yeah. Cowboy is an animal. Lol. Oh but he is so hilarious! He stuck around for about an hour and was entertaining me Kyle and Scallywag. Cowboy is such a character. He wears neon yellow shorts and hikes with neon yellow swim goggles (around his neck, not face) and a cowboy hat. And he regularly hikes 35 mile days. But he also zeros a lot. Which is awesome because that way he's still in my vicinity. Lol! Anyhow, I later found out that he ended up doing a 45 mile day. Geez!!! O.o

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